According to New York Times, in 1925 Dr Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi party said that “Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler” and “the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.”

That is an extraordinary thing to say for one of the leaders of the supposedly right wing extremist Nazi party. What kind of similarity did Goebbels see that so few see today? And why are the Nazis and the communists placed on the opposite side of the political spectrum?

It is important to understand that it was Stalin who branded Hitler as “right wing extremist” so that left wing radicals would be turned off from voting for him. Stalin labeled the Nazis such because they accepted some element of private ownership.

So what then is the major difference between the two? Hitler was not concerned with economic class struggle, but focused on identity politics. So rather than seeing the rich capitalist class as the oppressors and the working class as the oppressed, Hitler saw the rich Jews as the oppressors and the German people as the oppressed. Had he lived today, he would have been talking about the “Jewish privilege.”

He adapted the Marxist framework to a cultural setting. As such he was in a sense a pioneer of cultural Marxism. The Hitler Jugend were in many ways the precursor to Social Justice Warriors and Black Lives Matter, who also dabble in identity politics and in exactly the same way, but with slightly different contents.

So while Hitler was a centrist in economics, he was a radical leftist in his views on culture and race. In the 1960s Marxism and communism fell into disrepute due to the horrible genocides of the Soviet Union and others, and so most Marxists at the time rebranded their ideology under the banner of cultural Marxism, essentially adopting all the main ideas of Nazism.

However, this time around there was no resistance from the Marxist left, because of its weakened position. Rather than being labeled as “right wing extremist”, it was allowed to remain a radical leftwing ideology under the banner of “progressivism.”

So if you think that modern Social Justice Warriors, Antifa and Black Lives Mmatter behave a lot like Hitler Jugend, you are more correct than you think.