Donald Trump Jr has been lambasted by the left and its media acolytes for allegedly “comparing refugees to candy.” This, we are told, is an example of the dehumanization and racism which so characterizes Donald Trump and his campaign. Is this true? Let us take a closer look.

First of all, using a Skittles analogy is obviously for pedagogic reasons, in order to make a vivid and simple example about what is at stake when you take in refugees from very bad neighborhoods. You will get rapes, you will get murders and you will get terrorist attacks. Perhaps not so many, but more than you would get if you didn’t take in any refugees.

So Donald Trump Jr. is not really talking about the plight of refugees at all, but rather about the risks to Americans. Notice how Donald Trump Jr is not saying that Americans should not help Syrian refugees, only that they should not be helped by bringing them to America.

Is it dehumanizing, insensitive and racist to use candy as an example to illustrate the dangers of bringing in unvetted refugees from dangerous areas to America? Let us answer that by turning the question on its head. Is it dehumanizing and insensitive to innocent Americans to actively put them at risk from being raped, murdered and terrorized by people from a bad culture?

I would argue that it is.

If you disagree with this, then there is a very simple way that all the proponents of bringing in refugees to America can prove how sensitive they are: every time a refugee rapes or murders or commits terror, then the politicians who voted for bringing them in have to enter a lottery where there is a certain chance that they themselves will be raped or murdered. If only 1% of the refugees rape women, then for every refugee rape the odds for a politician for being raped is set to 1%.

This makes the Skittles example very real for politicians. So what do you think? If politicians had to personally and directly carry the consequences of the rapes and murders they import to America, how many of them would vote for bringing in even a single refugee? I could be wrong, but to be honest I think the number is very close to zero.

If that number is near zero, as I suspect, it tells us that these politicians think that inflicting rape and murder on innocent Americans is perfectly ok as long as they themselves are safe. How is that for insensitivity and dehumanization?