I would like to introduce myself to the community, because I think I have some contributions that may be of interest to people. I am a Norwegian philosopher, author and blogger (most of my writing is in Norwegian though).

I classify myself as a minarchist, but at the same time I find that I have valuable and productive debates and interactions with the anarchist community. Like anarchists I do not believe in politics and therefore I believe that most of the change in the world will come bottom up through politically disruptive technologies like the Internet, the Blockchain, and micro-manufacturing (e.g. 3D printing).

However, I do also believe that independent political projects such as the Free State Project in New Hampshire, Charter Cities in Honduras and Seasteading can have the same effect as politically disruptive technologies, namely to force less free states to adapt to the competition.

As it happens I too am working on a similar project, called Free State Initiative, mostly focused on creating a Free State somewhere in Africa. I will write more about this later, and hopefully I am able to rally up some monetary support for this. What I can say now though is that I have already visited one government in Africa, and they were positive about a Free State, but they expect involvment of bigger fish, and told me to return when I had secured the interest of renowned investors.

After quite a while I was able to secure the commitment of libertarian and author/investor Doug Casey to visit governments in Africa to promote the Free State. A trip to Africa has been in the making for a year, but has been postponed twice. In May this year hopefully we will succeed in going there.

I will also be writing about several issues such as disruptive technologies, philosophy and monetary theory. Hope you will tag along.